Fashion show put on by young people affected by gang life

News Desk (21 May, 2015)

The group aims to get people out of gang life and to provide them with new opportunities.

2628Dean Foster and Julian Wright, co-founders of Reformed

A fashion show put on by young people affected by gang life will take place in Bermondsey this evening.

The show has been organised by Reformed, a group helping sixteen-to-25-year-olds escape gang life and get their life back on track.

Co-founder Julian Wright said: “What we try to do is encourage young people to get involved with projects and activities that take them away from gang life, whether they are members of gangs, ex-members or have been impacted by gang life.

“I was in a gang and spent time in prison. When my little kid started wondering where I was, I knew it was time to sort myself out. When I got out I spent a lot of time volunteering and left that life behind. That’s what we’re trying to do with other young people.”

The group helps members find employment, apprenticeships or volunteering opportunities. It can also help young people affected by gangs move out of the area, which can often give them the freedom they need to escape the ‘downward spiral’ of gang life and criminal activity.

The show will highlight the group’s work designing t-shirts. It will take place at 5.30pm this evening, at The Gallery, Tower Bridge Business Complex, Clement’s Road, SE16 4DG.


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