Concerns over alleged attacks in SE15 and SE22

Katherine Johnston (10 February, 2020)

Met tells News it cannot ‘waste time’ on ‘non serious’ crimes after enquiry

12265Peckham Rye Park

Peckham and East Dulwich residents are increasingly concerned by a series of alleged random attacks over the last two weeks – including a woman who reportedly had hot coffee thrown in her face.

One woman, who asked not to be named by the News, called 999 at 10.28 am on Sunday, February 2, from the children’s playground in Peckham Rye Park when her friend was violently pushed over by an unknown man, it is alleged.

After the alleged attack, he carried on walking in the direction of the cafe, where the two friends then said they witnessed him put a man in a headlock, before chasing a mother with small children, and shouting at and pushing other members of the public.

Several other people have reported similar alleged incidents from the same area on the East Dulwich Forum website, which they believe involved the same individual.

One forum poster claimed their partner was threatened and pushed in front of their children around the same time on Sunday, near the park toilets, while several others said the behaviour matched that of a man frequently seen near Alleyn’s, JAGs and the Charter School East Dulwich in the afternoon by residents.

Another local alleged he encountered a man “shouting and swinging his fists” on East Dulwich Grove at 3pm on Monday, February 3, who then started throwing things at people.

The News has also been informed that last Wednesday (February 5), in broad daylight, a man allegedly threw hot coffee in a woman’s face in Peckham Rye Park.  On the same day, an elderly man was knocked to the ground in the park, it has been claimed.

If the alleged incidents are linked, many locals are concerned the individual needs urgent mental health treatment before someone is seriously injured.  But as yet the paper has been unable to confirm any details from police.

A spokesperson from the Met’s central press office declined to comment on the reported incidents, saying that it could not “waste time” looking into “non-serious” crimes that did not involve “terror attacks or murders” for this publication.

The News has contacted Southwark police officers directly for comment, and will update once more information is available from the borough commander’s office.


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