Feline Brave: Have-a-go hero rescues cat in Brockwell Park

Katherine Johnston (27 January, 2021)

'It was the bit of good news that we all needed'


A have-a go-hero dramatically rescued a cat stuck in a Brockwell Park tree in front of dozens of delighted onlookers.

Camberwell resident Kay Hotchkiss was in the park with a friend when they spotted a commotion on Sunday, January 17.

“As we were walking up the hill we suddenly noticed loads of people standing around and staring up at a tree,” she told the News.

“And then we saw this cat in one of the big old trees, that was clearly in trouble, with everyone standing around not knowing what to do.”

The cat’s owner was also at the scene, and had been unable to tempt it down.

“The cat was clearly in distress,” Ms Hotchkiss continued.

“Suddenly a man takes off his coat and starts to ascend the trees and everyone is aghast.

“He climbs up super fast and is then like ‘oh my gosh how am I going to get the cat?’”

With a bit of encouragement from a cheering crowd, the mystery rescuer managed to grab the cat by the scruff of the neck and bring it closer to him.

“Then the cat then climbed onto his shoulders so he could shuffle down with his hands free, with the cat hitching a ride,” Ms Hotchkiss added.

“We all cheered when he passed the cat back to its owner, who was super grateful.”

“Everyone was really pleased – it was the bit of good news that we all needed.”





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