Bermondsey estate goes all out for England

News Desk (16 June, 2016)

"It's great because it brings the community together..."


Bermondsey’s Kirby Estate is proudly flying dozens of England flags across their railings to show their support during Euro 2016.

Alan Putman, one of the organisers behind the flags, told the News how he spent hours putting them up on June 9 with Christopher Dowse.

“We started off with just a few flags about three or four years ago and when Chris saw them he said “right we’re getting more” and bought £50 worth.

“It’s great because it gets all the community together and the neighbours love it.

“We have people from all nationalities here and it’s no problem if they want to put up their own flags. People come here just to see them and take pictures. There must be at least 70 flags up with around 500 cable ties.

“We take them down once England gets kicked out. We would leave them up all year but the problem is they get dirty. Me and my missus wash each one when they come in before putting them away!”

Kirby Estate Flags


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