Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole: fundraiser collects more than £150,000 for parents of London Bridge hero

Kit Heren (09 June, 2021)

Calls have also been made for Jimi to be commemorated in Postman's Park near St Paul's Cathedral

44009Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole

A fundraiser for Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole has raised more than £151,000.

Bermondsey man Folajimi, known to friends and family as Jimi, died in April after jumping in the Thames near London Bridge in a bid to save a woman in the river late at night.

Jimi’s uncle Olumide Wole-Madariola said the young man’s parents Michael Adewola and Olusankami Adewole were “appreciative” of the many donations made in the wake of their son’s death.

Calls were made for Jimi to be awarded the George Cross in recognition of his bravery in the wake of his death. More recently family and friends said he should be honoured at Postman’s Park in the City. The park contains the Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice, which commemorates people who died trying to save others.


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