Four care homes in Southwark have reported COVID-19 outbreaks

Katherine Johnston (20 April, 2020)

207 people have died in England's care homes since the outbreak began


Four care homes in Southwark have reported cases of COVID-19 according to documents seen by the News.

As we have reported Tower Bridge Care Home has been dealing with a number of cases among residents and staff.

It is not yet known which other homes have been affected and how many residents have been confirmed positive after tests.

As of yesterday (Thursday April 16), 108,692 people across the UK have tested positive for Coronavirus.

The total number of people to die from the disease in hospital stands at 14,576.

Data published by the Office of National Statistics this week show that up until April 3, out of a total of 116,436 deaths recorded in England and Wales, 4,122 had COVID-19 listed on the death certificate.

3,950 deaths were attributed to COVID-19 in England alone. The majority of fatalities were in hospital but worrying large numbers have also occurred in care homes and within the wider community.

In England, 207 people died in care homes and 126 people were believed to have died from the virus in their own homes.  A further 31 deaths took place in hospices around the country.


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