Four new Frontline social workers start in Southwark

Katherine Johnston (05 September, 2018)

Charity wants to give every child a safe and stable home

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Four new social workers begin their new jobs in our borough this week, as part of a new cohort of 93 professionals across London.

Frontline, a charity which recruits and trains graduates and people changing career to become social workers, says it has recently welcomed its milestone 1000th person into the profession.

This is the fifth year the charity has partnered with local authorities in London on the scheme.

Josh MacAlister, Frontline’s chief executive: ‘Frontline has come so far since the first cohort of 104 participants started in 2014, when eighteen local authorities across London and Manchester bravely partnered with us.

“Because of the early success of those who completed our programmes, we’re now seeing Frontline grow into a national charity working across five regions and our 1,000th participant come into practice.

“Social work has the power to change lives and we’re looking forward to developing more outstanding social workers across England to help give every child a safe and stable home.’


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