FREE Bike Buddy scheme from Southwark Cyclists to help new riders build confidence and skills

Katherine Johnston (12 August, 2020)

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38222Cycling on Southwark Bridge

Southwark Cyclists have launched a free new scheme to help new riders develop their skills and confidence.

Southwark Bike Buddies pairs experienced cyclists with new riders to help them navigate their new commute or enjoy more exercise.

Since lockdown, there has been a 200 per cent increase in cycling for leisure and the government and local authorities are actively encouraging people to make use of new cycling lanes and adapted road layouts to keep public transport running at social distancing capacity.

Southwark Cyclists want to help people keen to get on their wheels do so safely and while following the rules of the road.

They will help plan routes on quiet streets, building up to riding in traffic over several sessions. Riders who sign up should have some cycling experience and know the Highway Code. A similar initiative in Wandsworth has already helped over 30 cyclists a month.

Dr Bruce Lynn, Southwark Cyclists healthy rides coordinator, commented: “I am delighted to be involved to pair up new cyclists and experienced riders to explore and enjoy London in a different way. They will see how quick and pleasant it is to ride around the city”.

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