Free salt bags from Southwark Council for residents this winter

News Desk (01 December, 2016)

The council will be providing free bags of salt to residents on December 3 and 10


Southwark Council will be providing free, 5kg bags of salt to residents on December 3 and 10, to lay outside their properties, writes Kirsty Purnell…

On December 3, residents can collect from; Lordship Lane: loading bay between Matham Grove and East Dulwich Grove at 9am-10.30am, Half Moon Lane: parking bay outside no. 21-25 at 11am-12.30, Rye Lane: loading bay opposite Aylesham Centre entrance at 1pm-2.30 and Daneville Road:  parking bay outside Morrison’s car park at 3pm-4.30pm.

On December 10, bags can be picked up from Walworth Road: loading bay outside no. 250 at 9am-10.30am, Lower Road: Osprey Estate forecourt at 11am-12.30pm, Southwark Park Road: loading bay outside Co-Operative Food at 1pm-2.30pm and Tower Bridge Road: loading bay outside no’s 81-85 at 3pm-4.30pm.

Salt bins are also provided across the borough. For information on effective gritting tips, visit Southwark Council’s website.


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