Friends and family mourn the passing of Camberwell’s ‘Tia Mia’

Katherine Johnston (17 June, 2020)

She died unexpectedly at just 53

37328Mia, from Camberwell

The family and friends of a woman who died unexpectedly from a heart attack at just 53 have paid tribute to the ‘very special and sweet soul’.

Camberwell based Mia, known as ‘Tia Mia’ – Aunty Mia – passed away on May 25 after suffering a cardiac arrest. She was a mother of one – Daniela – and had two grandchildren.

Although her health had declined in recent years due to suffering epilepsy caused by a brain clot, she passed away without warning; leaving the family struggling to cover funeral costs.

At the time of her death Mia had been adapting to a new way of life with serious health conditions that left her struggling to perform many basic daily activities without help.

Stephanie Almeida, a family friend who set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her funeral, wrote: “She was under 5ft but a true reflection of “’the best things come in small packages’ – full of life, fun and love! She loved her family, a good party and had a fine eye for art.

“She was the sweetest mother figure I had known; adored all children and always put others first.

“She accepted me into her family at a young age and never failed to make me giggle or embrace me with the tightest and warmest hugs.

“She stood for what she believed in and for those that she loved.”

The page has so far raised £2,644 from more than forty donors.

To donate, visit:


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