Frisky youths get residents hot under the collar

News Desk (16 April, 2015)

Quiet riverside environment being 'completely spoiled' by youngsters using it as a romantic retreat


Frisky youths are “completely spoiling” the quiet riverside environment of a Rotherhithe neighbourhood by using it as a romantic viewpoint.

Every evening, car-loads of loved-up youngsters park illegally in a pedestrian area just off Odessa Street, which offers stunning views of Canary Wharf across the river.

The peaceful atmosphere is shattered by the sound of music and “people getting up to God knows what,” according to one resident who asked not to be named.

He said: “It’s a constant procession of cars going up the ramp. There are kids around here who should be able to walk around safely in a pedestrian area but they can’t. “I used to go up there to enjoy the view but over the years I’ve gone up there less and less – the people using it at the moment is definitely a reason why.”

The resident also told the News that police did sometimes visit the site, but usually only after the cars had left. Previously a traffic bollard had kept cars out of the area, but this was removed without explanation several years ago, according to the resident.

Another resident said: “All the council need to do to solve the problem is put up a traffic bollard or a gate, like they do in other streets nearby. It would be an easy solution and we would have peace and quiet again.”

Councillor Mark Williams, Southwark cabinet member for regeneration, planning and transport said: “We will investigate these concerns and take the appropriate action as we want all residents to be able to enjoy the riverfront.”



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