Fundraiser after Deptford family’s home burns down

Kit Heren (25 August, 2021)

The family's two pets died in the fire


A Deptford family is appealing for help after their flat burned down, killing their two pets and destroying many of their belongings.
Jennifer Paredes launched a fundraiser for her sister Gabriela and her two young children, who lost everything in the blaze – including their dog Princess and kitten Pepita. The fire appears to have been caused by a faulty plug in an oil diffuser belonging to Gabriela.

Luckily the family themselves were out of the flat at the time of the fire, but Gabriela said she was “still in shock”, adding that “everything has been so traumatic for me and my kids”, who are aged five and seven. The family’s belongings were not insured, Gabriela said.

She added in a Facebook post: “We are utterly devastated and heart broken having lost everything!

“I would please beg your help, nothing is too small right now. We had no sort of insurance for anything. I’ve kindly been donated some clothes and toys for the kids to survive on, I’ve got a few for me but most important are my children.

“Although they’ve been given toys, they are missing their meaningful toys and everything at home. If anyone has a chest of drawers laying around I would really appreciate it.”

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