Furloughed worker raises £3,000 for Maudsley Charity with ‘Stay Home’ print designs

Katherine Johnston (06 May, 2020)

'I was looking for something, anything, to do to keep busy'


A Peckham-based artist has raised £3,000 for the Maudsley Charity by selling homemade ‘Stay Home’ prints.

Bryony Chaundy said the project started ‘by accident’ after she struggled to adjust to life after being furloughed. The funds are now helping the charity support frontline staff during the pandemic.

“I was looking for something, anything, to do to keep busy,” she says. “I cut the first stencil out of paper while Boris Johnson announced the lockdown (‘you must stay home’) and posted it on Instagram for fun.

“Then people got in touch to say they’d buy one and it spiralled from there. Now I have a production line in my living room!

“It’s been upsetting to learn that staff at the Maudsley Hospital and King’s College Hospital are facing their own mental health challenges dealing with the pandemic.

“Given that my own mental health was a bit shaky in the first weeks of COVID-19, I knew what sort of charity I wanted to benefit from the sales.”

Visit Bryony’s instagram page to buy a print: @bryonychaundy or, to support the Maudsley Charity, visit  maudsleycharity.org

The Stay Home prints


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