GCSE results 2017: James Allen’s Girls’ School

Chiara Giordano (24 August, 2017) Education

18729James Allen's Girls' School linguists: (top row L-R): Fatima (French A*, German A*), Felicity (Chinese A*, Spanish A*), Eleni (French A*, Japanese A*, Russian A*), Rosa (French A*, Spanish A*), Thea (French A*, Spanish A*). (Bottom row L-R) Kailin (Chinese A*, Spanish A*), Maureen (French A*, Spanish A*), Isobel (French A*, Italian A*), Alex (French A*, Spanish A*), Pandora (French A*, Spanish A*), Jessica (French A*, Spanish A*)

Students at James Allen’s Girls’ School were celebrating after they “knocked it out of the park”.

93 per cent of the Dulwich school’s GCSE results were an A* or A this year.

On average, students achieved seven A*s each, with eighteen girls achieving A* in every subject.

Among the notable successes was the students’ performance in STEM subjects, where over 95 per cent of results in physics, biology, chemistry and maths were an A* or A.

English grades were also particularly strong with 96 per cent A* or As, and there was further success in a broad range of foreign languages including French, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Headteacher Sally-Anne Huang said: “We are all so proud of Year 11.

“They knocked it out of the park and I can’t wait to have them in our sixth form.”

Julia, who achieved eleven A*s, said “I’m going to study A-level courses in biology, chemistry, maths, and English and I’m very excited about the opportunity I’m taking for an Extended Project Qualification, probably biology related and possibly focusing on marine toxins.”

Sophia was also celebrating after achieving eleven A* grades and credited the teaching staff for the support their support.

“They are really encouraging and always available to help you understand things better,” she said.

“In the sixth form I’ll be doing the subjects I really enjoy – maths, further maths, economics and physics.

“I remember British Paralympian Kadeena Cox particularly; she had such a difficult journey and managed to achieve so much. She gave such a positive message. It was really inspiring.”

Haleema achieved ten A*s and drew inspiration from two work experiences she arranged for herself in an east London hospital this summer.

“I got a placement in a psychiatric unit sitting in with consultants, doing ward rounds and so on.

“I learnt how gently the doctors need to make contact in order to build their relationship so that their patients will trust them enough to tell them things.

“Mental health is such an important part of your character, it’s losing its stigma now but I think we still need to be more proactive and less reactive in promoting mental health and providing enough services for young people and adults.

“I’m going to continue studying biology, maths, chemistry and Spanish.

“Spanish is where I am really myself. I’ve always really enjoyed learning languages; perhaps because my first language is Urdu and we speak it at home.”

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