GCSE Results Day: Ark Evelyn Grace students share secrets of their success

Katherine Johnston (12 August, 2021)

'Keep pushing and working hard with the end goal in mind'

47059Fela, pictured with principal Tim Dainty,

Ark Evelyn Grace Academy’s students achieved top GCSE grades thanks to teachers going the ‘extra mile’ during lockdown. 

Every pupil was given a laptop during home learning and beyond, and received daily contact with teachers. 

Among those celebrating today is Sara, who gained an impressive ten grade 9s in English literature; English language; maths; history; biology; chemistry; physics; Mandarin; Art and RE. 

Her teachers described her as “a fantastic student, a credit to the EGA community, and an excellent role model for younger students.

“The secret to her success was simple: she worked at least as hard as anyone from the day she arrived in year seven.”

Sara, who is currently on holiday abroad, said: “Being prepared and knowing how the exam is structured is key.

“I researched and analysed and then completed as many past papers as I could.”

Fela, pictured with principal Tim Dainty, was awarded three grade 9s, four grade 8s and three grade 7s.

She is said to be an ‘exceptional scientist’ who aims to become a physiotherapist. Outside academia she is also a talented sportswoman.

“I massively enjoyed my time at EGA,” she said. “You need to take yourself and your time at school seriously. 

“During year eleven I revised for at least one and a half hours a day. 

“Even if you believe that you know everything, you still need to keep studying and revising.

“You must work hard to achieve your goals as you are never finished learning. 

“Keep calm in those moments when you think you are struggling and do not be afraid to ask the staff for support. 

“They are here to help you achieve your best and so will always be there for you.”


Hajar, for whom English is a second language, achieved six grade 9s and four grade 8s and has worked extremely hard. 

In year ten, she took on the role of student council lead to continue her personal development and inspire others to succeed. 

“The experience was one that I found difficult at first,” she said. “I realised very quickly that it’s never too late to make the changes and adjustments necessary to achieve your goals.

“Once you understand the core knowledge needed in the subjects you are studying, you are well on the road to being successful as knowledge is the building block to a brighter future.

“Listen and be open to learning in new ways.”


Leo netted two grade 9s, six grade 8s and three grade 7s and is described as having great self-discipline and focus, while encouraging other students and also excelling in athletics, long-distance running and rugby.  

Jayden was awarded six grades 9s, two 8s, one 7 and one 6 and has been a ‘superb student’.

“Success is set by having a clear goal at the start of your GCSE journey,” he advised.

“If you do not forget what you want in life, no struggle will ever be too much. 

“Every day you should reflect on what you learnt in school and how to improve. 

“Keep pushing and working hard with the end goal in mind.”

Ark Evelyn Grace Principal Tim Dainty said: “Seeing such strong results today and the joy on our students faces today is truly wonderful. 

“It is a testament to our student’s hard work, dedication and endeavour in a difficult academic year. I’d like to thank all staff for their endless support this year.”




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