GCSE Results Day: ‘Our pupils got the results they deserve’ says Bermondsey’s Compass School

Josh Salisbury (20 August, 2020)

The school says the move to centre assessed grades means students got the results they deserve

38466Pupils Conrad and Christopher as they open their GCSE results

Bermondsey’s Compass School has hailed pupils’ “smiles all around” after the government u-turned to make GCSE grades based on teacher predictions this year.

The results ended “weeks of uncertainty” for students on how they would be graded, said the school.

Its principal, Marcus Huntley, said the move to centre-assessed grades this year meant students had received the results they had deserved.

“They have responded to the lockdown with great resilience and many took the opportunity to participate in the A Level bridging units taught virtually by our staff during lockdown,” he said. 

“They’ve got the grades, a taste of 6th form, and most importantly, the resilience to face any challenge that lies ahead. I am proud of them all.” 

Top students Brooklyn Barton, Conrad Pearce, Stella San, Christopher Denning, and Zeyad Gendia achieved a number of top grade 9s, said the school.

Brooklyn will now go on to study A-levels at Kingsdale, where she has been awarded an arts scholarship, while pupil Zeyad’s top results means he will be going to study sciences at Saint Francis Xavier sixth-form.

Martin Deutz, chair of governors, added: “I arrived at school this morning to heart-warming scenes of excitement, joy and pride.  

“It was wonderful to see our community of students, families and staff back together, celebrating and looking forward. 

“To our students I say thank you for being such a special part of the Compass Community. We are very proud of you and wish you the very best for the future.”


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