GCSE Results Day: St Michael’s College ‘delighted’ about u-turn on GCSE algorithm plan

Josh Salisbury (20 August, 2020)

The school said the change accurately reflects its pupils' hard work

38464L: Lauren Stewart, R: Katie Wilson

Bermondsey’s St Michael’s Catholic College has said it is “delighted” that the government u-turned on GCSE grades, to allow teacher predictions to set results.

The school, on Llewelyn Street, said the system accurately reflects their students’ hard work over the past two years, despite the challenge of coronavirus in recent months.

In a statement, the school’s principal, Felicity Corcoran, said: “The college is delighted that the decision was taken to use Centre Assessed Grades and has full confidence in the robustness of the system it used to generate these grades which took into account the ability profile of the students, their track record in formal internal assessments and the progression rates of the college as whole determined through reliable external measures.”

Among the star pupils highlighted by the school are Lauren Stewart, who achieved a stunning ten Grade 9s – the top result it is possible to achieve.

The school has also praised the following students, as all of them achieved top results between Grades 7 to 9 in all of their GCSEs:

  • Alessandro Corpuz-Irana,
  • Charles Oparinde,
  • Matthew Smith,
  • Nina Hallewell,
  • Golddust Addo Mensah,
  • Fernando Carrion Morales,
  • Mukisa Magambe,
  • Natalia Augustinowicz,
  • Elmina Kwao,
  • Katie Wilson,
  • Kassandra Salvador
  • De Winton Parker

Ms Corcoran added: “The college is proud of all of our students who have had to overcome so many challenges beyond their control in recent months.

“We would like to take the opportunity to wish them all well as they move onto the next stage of their education, whether in our Sixth Form or elsewhere.”


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