Giant statue of Jurassic Park actor Jeff Goldblum pops up beside Tower Bridge

Admin (18 July, 2018)

A 25-foot long statue paying homage to an 'iconic scene' from the 1993 film has appeared at Potters Fields Park

23628NOW TV recreates Jurassic Park scene with 25ft statue of Jeff Goldblum to mark 25 years since it hit the big screen

A huge statue of actor Jeff Goldblum has appeared beside Tower Bridge to mark the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park.

The 25ft (7.6m)-long sculpture of the Hollywood star pays homage to one of the 1993 dinosaur blockbuster’s “iconic” scenes where Goldblum’s mathematician character Dr Ian Malcolm reclines with his shirt open.

His “iconic” shirtless pose has been the subject of many an internet meme over the years.

The sculpture, which is 9.8ft (3m) high and weighs 150kg (330 lbs), took six weeks to produce and 250 pain-staking hours to make.

Jurassic Park fans can get down to Potters Fields Park to see the statue unveiled by streaming service NOW TV until 8pm on Thursday, July 19.


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