Specsavers fear that 1,800 residents in Southwark are in danger of going blind from Glaucoma

Staff Reporter (05 July, 2019)

Glaucoma Awareness Week was held calling it the ‘silent thief of sight.'

30343Picture provided by Specsavers

The Walworth branch of Specsavers devised ‘Glaucoma Awareness Week’ in a bid to highlight the problem, which they believe could affect as many 1,800 local residents, writes Hillary Chaisson

Held between June 17- 23 the opticians emphasized the importance of eye care, with  the main message being how to spot and deter glaucoma.

Glaucoma occurs when fluid inside the eye does not drain, and damages nerves within the retina and optic. With little symptoms, the ‘silent thief of sight’ could appear in a flash.

Indarjit Dhailwal, an optician at Specsavers in Catford said that: “The most common form of glaucoma [pertains to] a visual loss that is initially very subtle, making it harder to notice.”

“The good news is that glaucoma can be treated effectively if detected early, and in most cases, daily eye drops are used” Dhailwal said.

However, when delayed, a late diagnosis of glaucoma can lead to permanent blindness. The silent nature of glaucoma makes it important for people to regularly attend check-ups with their optician.

More than 64 million people world-wide live with this silent disease.

For more information or eye -care assistance, you can contact Specsavers Walworth at 020 7277 3200 or look them up online click here



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