Globe Academy pupils will fly to Washington DC to voice their talents

News Desk (25 February, 2016)

A competition to find the best poets has decided who the winning team will be

7936Joshua, Sharon and Tasnima performing at the poetry slam


Young poets from Ark Globe Academy are travelling to Washington DC to display their lyrical prowess in a US competition.

Sixteen pupils from the Elephant and Castle school voiced their lyrical talents at the poetry slam last week, which was centred on the subject of power.

The winning team included: Zareen Roy-Macauley, Aneesha Hussain, Tasnima Ahmed, Halil Es, Joshua Adeyemi, Naomi Oloukun and Sharon Machisa.

They will travel together to the Brave New Voices event in Washington in July, to compete against other schools’ poetry teams from across America.

Joshua said: “I’m overwhelmed. I have literally dreamt about this. I will be the first person in my family to ever travel to America.

“I feel a responsibility now to encourage other young men like me to use poetry as a positive and productive way to express our emotions and views about the world.”




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