Glow in the dark tacos to be served at Bermondsey bar

Admin (05 October, 2017)

Pop-up will mark Mexican Day of the Dead


Glow in the dark tacos will be served up at a Bermondsey bar to celebrate Day of the Dead.

LOSTACOS will have a pop-up at Doodle Bar, in Druid Street, to mark the spooky occasion on October 22 and 29.

Guests will be greeted with mezcal cocktails, including a take on the paloma and the pensador mezcal, before the evening kicks off with a screening of zombie comedy Juan of the Dead.

During the evening, waiters will hand out LOSTACOS’ take on Mexico’s El Pastor (marinated, spiced and slow-roasted grilled pork, salsa verde, fresh coriander, house-soured cream), and Calamari Tacos (lightly-fried calamari, fennel and orange slaw, house-soured cream, chilli).

Even the tortillas, handmade on-site, will contribute to the supernatural setting, incorporating ghostly glow-in-the-dark edible elements. To round the night off, there will be live blues music performed by Canadian band Whitebrow.

LOSTACOS pop-up will be held at Doodle Bar on October 22 and 29 from 2-5pm.

Tickets cost £25 and can be bought online at:


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