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Vintage police cars will be on display as Liverpool Grove goes back in time



A whole street is going back to the future on Saturday when it will be transformed into a living timeline.

The Living Walworth free family festival is going to deck out Liverpool Grove to show Walworth’s past (including vintage police cars on display), present and future, leading up to St Peter’s Church, where there will be a series of talks and films focussing on the history of the area.

Local primary schools have been helping to create and decorate the journey through time and organiser John Whelan is excited about the attractions and activities on offer.

“I’m really impressed with how many local groups and organisations are bringing so many fun activities down for families on the day,” he said. “These include vintage Police cars, African drumming, face painting, the history of the area and a DJ to name just a few! The whole of Liverpool Grove will be a sea of colour and vibrancy and what a fantastic way in which we celebrate our past, present and future,” he added.

The event will run from 10am to 4pm with street theatre enactment of Walworth’s History at 11.30.


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