Young Bermondsey dad Jack Wells passes away before fulfilling dying wishes with daughter

News Desk (30 June, 2016)

Jack Wells died at 7am under the care of St Christopher’s Hospice

2320Jack and Scarlett.


A young Bermondsey dad, who was fundraising to make memories with his daughter while suffering from terminal cancer, passed away on June 27.

Jack Wells, 23, died at 7am under the care of St Christopher’s Hospice, Sydenham, after being told his cancer was terminal in May.

Friends, family and members of the community had been raising money for Jack so he could spend his last few weeks making memories with his three-year-old daughter, Scarlett.

Jack (second from right), along with his sister Becky, friend George, mum Veronica and family friend Janet

Jack (second from right), along with his sister Becky, friend George, mum Veronica and family friend Janet

Veronica, Jack’s mum, said: “All the donations that people have given will be split between Scarlett and the hospice. They were so, so good and did everything they could for Jack.

“They really looked after him. If people would like to buy flowers for him it’s welcome and we will soon announce the date of his cremation.

“I want to thank everyone who donated and for everything they did for Jack.”

Scarlett and Jack

Scarlett and Jack


Jack was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone disease, in March 2015 after he noticed a lump on his shoulder.

As the disease reached its final stages this year, he stopped receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy from University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre to be with loved ones.

The community came together to support Jack’s wishes to spend time with his daughter and Southwark’s MumMum Foundation helped organise a VIP to Woburn Safari Park.

Unfortunately due to Jack’s ill health, he was not able to go on the trip, but the charity have said they are looking to take Scarlett and Jack’s family anyway.

The News previously reported how Jack was greatly admired by hospital staff for his bravery and always managed to bring laughter and smiles.

A cremation date is still to be decided but if you would like to donate to Jack’s fund for St Christopher’s Hospice and Scarlett, visit

Jaki says:

So sad when we lose our child, My heart goes out to his mum daughter and family, Cancer is a shit no two ways about it, the treatment is shit too, sounds like he had lots of loving care and a daughter to bring he’s dreams into reality one day. Bright Blessings. Jaki XX

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