Grandma grows giant courgette in Walworth

Katherine Johnston (19 July, 2018)

Have you grown one bigger?

23634Mrs Bassell and the marrow

A grandma from Walworth was not expecting her new allotment to grow such a giant courgette…

Seventy-one-year-old Faye Bassell from Catesby Street recently took on her own allotment, and the novice gardener is already proving her green-fingered credentials.

She was stunned to find that a courgette she planted two months ago has grown so large it is almost half her size – and so heavy that her granddaughter Annarel Ulysses had to help her carry it inside.

Mrs Bassell has has seven  children 24 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren and it looks like her bumper harvest could feed all of them.

She told the News  how surprised she was by the monster crop. “It’s the second time I’ve planted  and I have never accomplished a vegetable as big as this one before.

“I’m over the moon and still in stock it’s something I have gown myself.”


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