Green-fingered fire cadets help Golden Oldies with gardening

Katherine Johnston (25 May, 2018)

Walworth Methodist Church garden needed some TLC

21986Fire cadets at Walworth Methodist Church garden

Green-fingered fire cadets from Southwark lent the ‘Golden Oldies’ a helping hand with some gardening this month at Walworth Methodist Church.

The Golden Oldies group is made up of senior citizens living in Walworth looking for friendship and support, who regularly meet at the church on Camberwell Road.

After a long winter, the church garden was in need of some extra pruning and a bit of TLC, which the Southwark Fire Cadets were more than happy to provide so they could get out and enjoy the garden throughout the summer.

On May 9, the volunteer cadets, who are aged from fourteen to seventeen, got to work bedding in plants donated by B&Q, and wildflower seeds from Kew Gardens, to help create a habitat for pollinating insects.

Dee Valanc, youth engagement coordinator for Southwark fire cadets, described the day as a “perfect opportunity for fire cadets to get involved and help their local senior group”, telling the News: “Overall it was a massive success which brought both the local youth and senior groups together to work on something positive.”


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