Guy’s and St Thomas’ pledges pay rise for low-earning staff with London Living Wage announcement

Josh Salisbury (27 January, 2020)

The pledge means lowest-paid workers at the Trust's hospitals will get a pay boost to meet the cost of living in the capital

34403Exterior of St Thomas' Hospital

Guy’s and St Thomas’ says it will pay all its staff an independently calculated London living wage.

The amount means that all workers are set to be paid more than the government’s ‘national living wage’ which will be £8.72 an hour. Trust staff will be paid the higher £10.75 at least.

The move makes the Trust the 6000th Living Wage employer in London, and means up to 259 low paid workers could see a pay boost.

The Trust estimates it will cost at least £142,000 this year to implement the change. However, staff working for retail outlets on Trust premises are not affected.

“Our staff are our biggest asset so it’s right that we pay everyone at least the London Living Wage to meet the higher costs of living in the capital,” said Julie Screaton, Guy’s and St Thomas’ chief people officer.

“It’s important that our workers and their families earn enough to afford the essentials and to save.

“We are also working with our third party contractors so that when contracts come up for renewal, they will also pay their staff working in the hospital at least the London Living Wage.”

“Workers at Guy’s and St Thomas’ do incredible, vital work, and deserve to be paid a decent wage,” added Katherine Chapman, who is Director of the Living Wage Foundation.

“The Trust is showing real leadership as a responsible business by committing to pay workers a wage that covers the cost of living, and we hope to see many other NHS Trusts now follow suit.”

The pledge covers all directly employed hospital staff and includes staff at Essentia, which is Guy’s and St Thomas’ estates, facilities, capital development and IT directorate.

The workforce at Guy’s and St Thomas’ joint venture pathology company Viapath will also see a raise to at least the London Living Wage in April 2020, pledges the Trust.


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