More than half of Notre Dame High School girls bag one of the top marks on GCSE results day

News Desk (24 August, 2017)

Several pupils at Notre Dame in Elephant and Castle were already landing good grades in AS-level exams for Spanish, French and Portuguese


Shani Johnson, assistant head teacher of the Catholic all-girl’s school in Elephant and Castle was “delighted” with her students’ GCSE results, and said they “show very good progress and achievement”.

  • 55 per cent of students achieved at least one 9/8/7/A*/A grade
  • 86 per cent achieved Grade 4 and above in English (Grade 4 is the new C grade)
  • 63 per cent achieved Grade 4 and above in Maths (Grade 4 is the new C grade)
  • 57 per cent achieved Grade 4 and above in English and Maths (Grade 4 is the new C grade)

Many of Notre Dame’s pupils, despite being in Year 11, were already taking on languages at AS-level. There was a 100 per cent pass rate among students who took on AS French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Among its top performers were:

  • Nicole Adibe, with two grade 9s, one A* and three As
  • Rose Figuero Cunha, with one grade 9, three A*s and three As
  • Cara Studman, with one grade 9, two A*s, one grade 8, and four As
  • Aizenosa Uyigue, with two grade 8s and three As

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