Health, education and social workers encouraged to take online training on how to talk about obesity

Katherine Johnston (20 October, 2018)

Research shows healthcare workers are uncertain about how to raise the sensitive subject with parents and children

25970John Feenie, College of Contemporary Health chief executive, Cllr Akoto and Professor Kevin Fenton, the council's strategic director of place and well-being

Healthcare workers and people working with children are being encouraged to take online training so they can ‘openly and confidently talk about weight management’ in a bid to fix Southwark’s childhood obesity problem.

Shockingly, nearly two thirds of adults and 43 per cent of children in Southwark are officially overweight or obese, putting them at greater risk of a range of health problems now and later in life.

But, according to the British Medical Journal, research shows that GPs and other healthcare workers feel uncertain about how and when to raise the tricky topic, and are worried about upsetting parents.

To try and overcome these barriers, Southwark Council has teamed up with the College of Contemporary Health to create an online learning programme, Southwark Healthy Weight Training.

Anyone who works with children, young people and families and clinical staff like GPs, nurses and health visitors are encouraged to sign up.

Southwark councillor Evelyn Akoto, cabinet member for community safety and public health, said: “It is vital that those on the frontline of healthcare are equipped to talk about weight management in the right way.

“This training is central to giving clinicians the tools they need to discuss how weight management can improve, and in some cases, prolong their patients lives.”

The online training is free and earns between 2 and 5 CPD credits.

To join, visit:


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