Help police find owner of injured puppy after rescue in SE1

News Desk (04 September, 2017)

The six-month-old whippet was found with a broken leg hiding under a lorry


Police are appealing for help to find the owner of a puppy found under a lorry with a broken leg in SE1.

Response team officer Nick Waller told the News that the white, male whippet, about six-months-old, was found in Rolls Road shortly after 8am today.

PC Waller said: “Someone called in this morning saying they could hear a dog.

“He was scared to come out and he had an injury. He cuddled up to my colleague in the back seat. He was awake but a very sad puppy really.

“We rushed him to the vet and they gave him a once-over, and he had a broken leg. He also had some scratches on his face.”

Local police tweeted about the rescue:

The pup has now been taken to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) in Amerhsam Vale in New Cross, which can be contacted on 020 8691 0577.

PC Waller added: “Someone must own the puppy, we’re looking for the owner to come forward.”



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