Help us rebuild Fisher – football club chairman appeals for readers’ help bring team back to Rotherhithe

News Desk (06 August, 2015)

“We want fans and residents to send in their ideas for the future of the club and its new home" says Ben Westmancott

4378A digger starts work at the new ground

With just months to go until Fisher FC returns home to Rotherhithe, the club’s chairman has issued an appeal to News readers to “help build our club’s future.”

Ben Westmancott is urging fans of the exiled club to send in their ideas about how best to shape the new ground in Salter Road, which will open in “early 2016.”

He said: “We want fans and residents to send in their ideas for the future of the club and its new home. Should we have a women’s team? A disability team? A walking team? Should we have special fan days or celebrations? What can we do to better represent the community? “We are looking into a buy-a-brick scheme and several other ways that fans and residents can get involved – this is our club and we want as many people as possible to be a part of it.”

He added that the consultation was for both old fans and new, for long-time residents who remember and miss the old club and for new residents who may not yet have ever experienced having a local team. Ben said: “It’s all about gathering ideas from everyone. We owe it to ourselves to make it the best club we can and turn it into a real positive for the community.” Fisher FC was formed in 2009 by the club’s fans after the original club Fisher Athletic had been wound up following financial difficulties. These fans have spent the intervening years trying to return to club to its rightful home in the north of the borough, after it was forced to ground-share with Dulwich Hamlet FC at Champion Hill.

Fisher playing at their old ground

Fisher playing at their old ground


Ben said: “It’s taken an absolute age but we are now so close now to opening the new ground and tremendously excited. It at last seems real. The hard-core fans have been absolutely fantastic, dedicating their time and money to realising this dream. It’s time to bring Fisher home.” Send your ideas for the new ground and the future of Fisher FC to

You can also donate to the club using the Paypal button at


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