Herne Hill Piano Campaign smashes donation target

News Desk (19 May, 2016)

People who pledge £100 will see their name on the piano wall

9561The Herne Hill Piano

So much money has been raised to replace the piano at Herne Hill station that the excess will be used to fund piano lessons for disadvantaged children, writes Frances Berry…

The crowdfunding campaign to replace the well-worn instrument reached its target of £5,000 and is now aiming for £7,500.

The original target will buy a second hand replacement piano that is sturdy enough to survive the weather, as well as covering installation costs, a new platform, display art and constant maintenance.

The new target will go towards setting up the Herne Hill Piano Academy.

The academy will offer hour long piano lessons, ‘teach yourself piano’ books and CDs, and a library of sheet music for the piano.

Money raised will also go towards a duet piano stool and storage space for the library.

People who pledge money towards the new target will also receive rewards.  A person who donates £5 will get a thank you card from the piano and someone who donates £50 will get a piano bag with Sweet Carolina biscuits inside.

People who pledge £100 will see their name on the piano wall.

Giles Gibson, Chairman of the Herne Hill Forum, which is running the campaign, described the flood of donations as “very special”.

He said: “It’s a whole area that is involved in education and the music sadly is the first thing that gets cut when they want to save money. But balance in school is what children need, and music is a discipline that it builds confidence and greats opportunities.”

Mr Gibson would like to encourage children to practise on the piano in their free time.

The academy will select eligible children through the local schools, although they will not automatically reject individual applications.

Donations will be accepted until May 24 at




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