History festival comes to Walworth

Katherine Johnston (03 September, 2018)

'History is all around us'


A new history festival is coming to Walworth this September, writes Jessica Aszkenasy…

Hosted by the Walworth Society, the festival will celebrate the perks and quirks of Walworth’s history.

The week will include an array of different activities such as exhibitions, an animated tour and film screenings, including a film on Walworth’s 100-year-old Arments Pie & Mash shop.

There will also be an evening of talks on the work of former local historian Stephen Humphrey.

Mr Humphrey lived in Elephant and Castle all of his life and was bestowed the freedom of the borough award by Southwark Council back in 2012 for his research on the area.

The festival is a chance to celebrate Walworth being named Heritage Action Zone last year by the Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism, making Southwark the first inner London borough to receive the award.

Local history researcher Shelagh Farren said: “Have you ever considered how your granny lived compared to you, for example with her copper and mangle versus an automatic washing machine?

“How your relatives managed as immigrants, not speaking the language.

“Who planted parks and why? How did anyone communicate before mobile phones?

“History is all around us, and it can be fascinating finding it out.

“It is fun to do and fun to see people’s reaction when they discover something about their local community.”

The Walworth History Festival runs from 16 to 23 September. To find out more visit www.walworthsociety.co.uk


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