Collaboration between nursery school and construction company results in giant art hoarding project

Admin (29 July, 2018)

Children from Nell Gwynn Nursery School took photos of the neighbourhood for a month

23811Photo: Steve Bainbridge

The hoarding around Notting Hill Genesis’ Wooddene Estate in Peckham is now an art exhibit, featuring photographs taken by children.

The temporary construction barrier, covered with photos taken by four-year-olds from Nell Gwynn Nursery School, is titled “The World About Us… A Child’s View of our Neighbourhood.”

The official unveiling took place on July 19, after a month of the children capturing images of the community and local landmarks.

Now the hoarding for Higgins Construction and the Wooddene Estate site are covered with a patchwork of the photos.

Fola, Bianka, and Samuella from Nell Gywnn, photo: Steve Bainbridge

“We are extremely impressed with the quality of photographs the children have taken, particularly as they are only four years old,” Jeff Joseph, Community Investment Manager for Higgins Construction.

“It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the art project can now be enjoyed by the local community.”

“We are really grateful to Higgins Construction and Notting Hill Genesis for giving us this opportunity to work together in such a creative way, and it’s wonderful to see their work given such prominence,” said Lynne Cooper, Executive Head Teacher for Nell Gwynn and Ann Bernadt Nursery Schools.

“It’s been a really positive experience for the children and the nursery school as a whole.

“We’ve been here a long time and this display further helps root us in the community that we are part of – for me it helps signify the bond between the old and the new.

“The nursery was built in 1914 and the rise of the housing project signifying new opportunities as part of this remarkable community of Peckham.”

The construction site is for the new Wooddene Estate, formerly a 1960s concrete build, part of Acorn Estate. The new development will contain 333 homes, and an on-site energy centre.



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