How to make the most of your room at Christmas, from the experts

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John Lewis and Partners have provided the following simple tips to amplify the Christmas feeling when decorating this year:

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With all of us set to spend more time at home than usual this Christmas season, many are looking for ways to make their living space extra festive.

The brand new one-bedroom show home at The Boulevard development in Southwark is open for viewings in the run-up to Christmas, and is furnished by John Lewis and Partners. For anyone purchasing a home at The Boulevard, John Lewis furniture packs are available, so your new home can be furnished right before you walk through the door. To help brighten up your current home this Christmas, John Lewis and Partners have provided the following simple tips to amplify the Christmas feeling when decorating this year:

  1. What theme?

Choose a theme that makes you feel comfortable and brings out feelings of happiness and festivity, be it a bright pop art motif, a cool wintery look, an ornate renaissance feel or something else entirely! The important thing is to stick to one cohesive theme throughout and use it to emphasise key areas such as the front door, tables and mantelpieces. Make your own wreath using your chosen theme to give people the wow factor as soon as they arrive at the door.


  1. Where to put the tree?

There is always the temptation to place the Christmas tree in the place where it will be seen by the most passers-by outside, but this has implications for the natural light getting into the room. Consider making your tree the focal point of the room instead, to be appreciated from as many angles as possible.


  1. Wrap your presents early

The tree’s look isn’t complete without an array of gifts underneath, so wrap your presents in time for the decorations to go up – otherwise, you can wrap some boxes to create faux presents to fill the space out. Use the same ribbon you have used on your tree to wrap the presents so the foot of your free ties in with the overall theme.


  1. Warm white vs cold white

Referring to the high and low ends of the colour spectrum, warm white is the white that gives a more golden glow, while cool white is much brighter and sharper. Warm white is the more popular choice for indoors given its tranquil and welcoming hue, providing a calming glow similar to that of a candle flame. However, if you have a balcony or outdoor area, cool white light can give a fresh feel and provide more light for safe socialising.


  1. Christmas cushions

These don’t need to be focus-stealing with snowmen and Santa on them (although if that makes you happy, do it!) but adding a few replacement cushion covers that fit in with your Christmas theme is a simple change that will tie the room together and give it some extra warmth.

John Lewis show home – The Boulevard

The Boulevard, located on the South Bank of the Blackfriars Bridge, offers one, two and three bed apartments for those who want to be part of this cosmopolitan area. Starting at £685,000, these homes are the perfect way to enjoy the cultured and evolving lifestyle.

The development offers apartments that reflect the airy and spacious nature of the borough in their design, with light, clean and spacious rooms.

Those wishing to become part of The Boulevard’s community can get more information by calling sales agent CBRE on (0)20 7118 0488 or visiting – enjoy the virtual walk-through on the Apartments page ahead of booking a show home viewing, which are available by appointment only.


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