Redriff School remembers the fallen with human poppy display

News Desk (16 November, 2015)

Pupils joined together to form a touching display to Britain's fallen men and women.

6545Redriff School's creative poppy display.

Redriff Primary School pupils commemorated Southwark’s fallen men and women on Remembrance Day by forming a human poppy.

The creative students made the most of their red uniforms to create the remembrance symbol on their astro-turf sports pitch.

They used a mini drone to capture high-quality images of the stunning display.

Headteacher Michael Kelly said: “Lots of people from all over the country have been thinking of different ways to mark this day. We had a formal assembly explaining the meaning of Remembrance Day.

“But this was an opportunity to make an image in which the children could participate. In a real sense, all of the children made the image on their own.”

The bird's eye view of Redriff School's remembrance display.

The bird’s eye view of Redriff School’s remembrance display.


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