Hundreds join march to ‘Fight for Aylesbury’

Admin (18 March, 2015)

Campaigners gathered at the weekend to demand the Walworth estate be refurbished, not demolished

1076Photo @mikekear

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Southwark at the weekend to ‘fight for the Aylesbury’.

The estimated 300-strong crowd picked up supportive shoppers on their way down Walworth Road on Saturday afternoon, before they returned to their starting point of Burgess Park for a rally including speeches from Aylesbury tenants.

The campaigners chanted ‘Council housing is a right, here to stay, here to fight’ and ‘No more Heygates, Save the Aylesbury’.

After the last ‘March for Homes’ on January 31, more than a hundred campaigners took over flats in Chartridge block. Southwark Council was granted a possession order to vacate the premises and a game of cat and mouse ensued, with the squatters currently residing in old council offices in Chiltern and several flats above.

Despite the security fences, security guards and police in place at the weekend, campaigners were able to breach the defences and continue to occupy vacant properties.

Photo @mikekear

Photo @mikekear

photo @mikekear

photo @mikekear

photo @mikekear

photo @mikekear


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