Hundreds of books donated to children in Rotherhithe

Staff Reporter (07 April, 2021)

The donation is part of a ten-year programme run by British Land and the National Literacy Programme to encourage kids to enjoy reading at home


Children from vulnerable families in Rotherhithe have been given hundreds of books, writes Kit Heren…
The donation – worth £1,250 – from Surrey Quays shopping centre owner British Land means that local charity Time and Talents Association will be able to give a wide range of books to local families.

The donation is part of an ongoing ten-year programme run by the developer and the National Literacy Programme to encourage kids to enjoy reading at home and develop literacy skills.

“The pandemic has impacted the families we work with in all kinds of ways, and we’re incredibly thankful for all of the support British Land has given to us,” said Sarah Gibb, director of Time and Talents Association. “These book donations have helped children of all ages across our community who might not have had access to them otherwise.”

Other initiatives as part of the same programme include donating 300 books during the first lockdown last year, as well as installing a Giving Box in Surrey Quays where visitors can make contactless donations to Time & Talents, Surrey Docks Farm, Southwark Young Carers and The Mayor of Southwark’s Common Good Trust.

Ian Moore, centre manager at Surrey Quays, added: “We have a longstanding relationship with the team at Time & Talents and right now it has never been more important to ensure they can continue to support those in need in our local community.”

Jonathan Douglas, chief executive of the National Literacy Trust, said: “We know that one in eleven disadvantaged children do not have a single book at home and that this can be hugely detrimental to their development. Initiatives like these ensure local families have books to enjoy at home, and children’s imaginations and literacy skills can continue to thrive.”


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