BBC’s Huw Edwards: ‘I didn’t chase burglar from my Dulwich home in my pyjamas’

Josh Salisbury (25 October, 2019)

He said: 'Now back to more important things. Like Wales winning the Rugby World Cup'

32941BBC star Huw Edwards has denied confronting a burglar in his PJs at his Dulwich home (Image: BBC)

The BBC newsreader Huw Edwards has denied chasing a burglar out of his Dulwich home dressed in just his PJs.

According to the Sun newspaper, the news anchor –a regular sight on the BBC News at Ten – was awoken by the intruder shortly before 6am and rushed to confront them.

The paper said a burglar allegedly escaped by stealing the star’s Mercedes before 58-year-old Edwards could catch up with them.

But today the BBC star took aim at what he called “misleading press reports” and denied chasing the burglar away.

“Just for the record — following some misleading (shock!) press reports,” he said on social media. “Yes we had a burglary. No, I didn’t chase the burglar.

“The police are dealing with it. It happened a month ago. We’re all fine.”

Scotland Yard has said it was investigating a report of burglary in connection with the incident last month.

“Police were called on September 16 to a report of a burglary, and that a Mercedes had been stolen,” a police spokesperson said. “There was no reported injury.”

The car was reportedly retrieved the following day.

Edwards, a Welsh father-of-five, added: “Now back to more important things. Like Wales winning the Rugby World Cup.”

The BBC personality is the corporation’s lead presenter for major breaking news in the United Kingdom, and has anchored the BBC’s coverage of major events like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and Prince Harry’s wedding.


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