‘I love giving them a boost’, says Rotherhithe’s Mr Marathon

News Desk (30 April, 2015)

Bobby Roberts provides music and humorous commentary at the marathon every year.

2122Bobby entertaining runners and spectators

Thirty five years after first standing on top of a taxi with a record player and a microphone, Robert ‘Bobby’ Roberts is still urging on marathon runners in his own unique way.

For decades he has been a constant fixture on marathon day in Rotherhithe, creating a party atmosphere with floor-shaking tunes and humorous commentaries as runners pass by.

Bobby and Tara Grimes

Bobby and Tara Grimes

He said: “I love giving them a boost when they come through. It means a lot to them and you can see it on their faces when I call out there name or get everyone to chant ‘oggy oggy oggy.’ I’ve had people come up to me and say that this is the best bit of the whole route, that the mood really helps them get into second gear and push on for the rest of the race.

“I enjoy probably just as much as them. I love it, it’s my special day in a way. I was up at 6am and just buzzing. I’m already looking forward to next year. I’d also like to thank everyone for helping out, especially Tara Grimes and the Homes 4 Heroes crew.”


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