“Illegal rave” in Bermondsey shut down on New Year’s Eve

Katherine Johnston (06 January, 2020)

Police arrived before the party started

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An “illegal rave” in Bermondsey was shut down before the party got going after a passer-by alerted police.

Inspector Owen Pyle said a “diligent” member of the public called officers after spotting signs of the event.

Officers arrived just in time to ID the organisers and seize their ‘unlicenced alcohol’.

Residents in the surrounding area will no doubt have been relieved.

As the News has previously reported, the Beer Mile has become something of a bugbear for people aghast at rowdy behaviour, noise and vomiting.

Inspector Pyle posted on a neighbourhood forum: “We were able to identify the organisers and get the council noise nuisance team down to help us.

“We had the sound systems removed and seized a significant quantity of alcohol that they had ready to illegally sell.

“This unlawful rave has been well and truly disrupted. Previous events at this location have caused significant disruption for local residents who just want a good night’s sleep.

We are really grateful to the person who phoned in. If you see what you think is an illegal rave being set up, please report it on 999 immediately – we can’t always shut them down but we will do our best.

“We will always aim to prosecute organisers of the event if we can do.”



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