In the dock: Woman who racially abused and spat at victim before coughing at police officers and claiming she had COVID-19

Katherine Johnston (19 June, 2020)

She has now been jailed for the assaults

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A woman who racially abused and spat in her victim’s face before coughing at officers and claiming she had COVID-19 has been jailed.

June Carol Cowan (aged 52) from Crystal Palace, was convicted of racially aggravated assault and assaulting two emergency workers.

Jailed: Carol Cowan

She was handed 26 weeks in prison and ordered to pay £100 compensation to each of her victims.

Police detailed Cowan after they were flagged down by a member of public during a routine patrol in Westow Street in Crystal Palace on Monday, June 8.

The victim told them she had been racially abused and spat at in the street.

Cowan claimed she was a COVID-19 sufferer and coughed at the officers while in the police car.

She was arrested and remanded in custody, appearing in court the following day, where she pleaded guilty.

“Spitting or coughing in the face at anyone is disgusting and unacceptable behaviour any time, but given the concerns around COVID-19 that we are all currently face it is appalling,” said Inspector Duncan Anderson.

diana says:

I wonder if Diane Abbots son will get a sentence after assaulting 11 people who were mainly NHS workers ( zero tolerance for everyone else ) , and spitting at and biting police officers . I expect not

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