In the wake of the European election Southwark’s Leave and Remain voters are both claiming victory

Katherine Johnston (05 June, 2019)

9,000 voted for The Brexit Party in Southwark

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The MEP election results in Southwark may have given a boost to Remainers, but the 9,000 people who supported Farage’s Brexit Party say they are the real winners.

Southwark’s Liberal Democrats won the highest share from the borough’s voters, attributed to their clear pro-EU stance.

Across the country, the party with the most votes was The Brexit Party, but when added together, pro-Remain parties as a whole – the Lib Dems and Greens – had a bigger share of the vote.

Remainers across the political spectrum in Southwark were heartened by the results, with a Rob Griffiths, from the cross-party campaign group, Southwark for Europe, telling the News: “During the election campaign, we were encouraged by the level of support for a People’s Vote across the whole borough.

“Southwark’s voters sent a resounding pro-EU message as the Liberal Democrats topped the polls.

“The low turnout for the Brexit Party, who came fourth, alongside the rise in support for the Green Party (who also support a final say on the deal) followed the trend across London that shows a surge in the vote for anti-Brexit, pro-People’s Vote parties.

“We will continue to campaign in the borough for a People’s Vote and last week’s result show that the majority of our fellow residents also feel that this is the best way to break the deadlock on Brexit.”

Meanwhile, The Brexit Party voters said they had no regrets.

On the News Facebook page, responding to a poster’s comment that Farage’s Brexit Party is “not a political party, it’s a company where fools have bought a share for £25 to keep Farage in his £13,000 a month house in Chelsea, and keep him in the EU job,” one reader, Ronnie Moyse, replied: “If it scares the big two into delivering Brexit as it should be, and not some diluted, pathetic shade of [poo emoji] that we’ve been offered up, it’ll be worth it to those that paid their £25.”


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