‘It’s been a nightmare year’ but The Grange looks ahead to reopening

Staff Reporter (15 March, 2021)

The pub may struggle with staff shortages, the landlord said

43021The Grange pub, Grange Road

The Grange pub is set to reopen in April under the government’s gradual move to lift lockdown, although its landlord is worried about possible staff shortages, writes Kit Heren…

Pubs are allowed to reopen their outdoor areas from April 12, provided conditions on infection and vaccine rates are met, the government said in February.

The Grange, on Grange Road near Bermondsey Spa Gardens, will be opening its garden and putting out tables and chairs in the outdoor space to the side of the building.

Bookings are already filling up fast, landlord Matt Downie told the News. “The first Saturday is looking absolutely ridiculous,” he added. Matt said that the spacious outdoor areas are safe and ventilated.

 The pub was also very busy last summer when it was allowed to reopen for several months. But the stop-start nature of lockdown rules has made for a “nightmare” year, Matt added.

“My main concern now is having enough staff” he said. “I’m trying to convince the university students to come back, but they’re complaining about having too much work to do.”

Pubs will be allowed to reopen their indoor areas from May 17 at the earliest, provided people keep gatherings to a maximum of six and only mix two households.




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