“It’s disgusting” – Bermondsey pub on Government’s roadmap

Staff Reporter (24 February, 2021)

"We’ve got sanitisers and we wear our masks so why can’t we open now?"

1056The Ancient Foresters pub in Southwark Park Road.

A pub in Bermondsey has called the Prime Minister’s lockdown roadmap ‘disgusting’, writes Simon Throssell…

Landlady of The Ancient Foresters, Sandra Smith, criticised the announcement saying: “It’s all very ridiculous.’”

Pubs will be able to open outdoors only from 12th April with indoor dining being allowed from 17th May.

Sandra said: “What happens when it starts raining? Do you just leave your drink and run away? How about when you need the toilet? Can you come inside then?

“We’ve got sanitisers and we wear our masks so why can’t we open now?”

Even though the pub has been shut for half a year, they’ve still had to cover their regular expenses including VAT demands.

“Hopefully we will open up quicker because the only bit of community life round here is at the pub.

“A lot of places won’t be able to open again which is sad.

“Once Millwall comes back and we have people drinking together, I’ll be happy.”

If you run a pub or restaurant in Southwark, let us know your plans editor@southwarknews.co.uk


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