Janis Joplin Comes Alive in Union Theatre

Staff Reporter (05 May, 2021)

A rollercoaster ride of heightened emotions


In an era of oppression, rebellion, evolution and enlightenment, this is the story of a small town girl’s remarkable journey, from an adolescent outcast to a musical icon. 

The true essence of the legendary 1960s rock star Janis Joplin is captured and channeled by the renowned actress and singer-songwriter Collette Cooper, in Tomorrow May Be My Last, a one-woman play with a breathtaking live band and a whole host of surprises thrown in for good measure. 

Set against the backdrop of a US music festival in the height of the Summer of Love, Tomorrow May Be My Last marks a key moment in Joplin’s all too brief existence. Collette Cooper’s embodiment of the psychedelic rock idol is deep and complex, painted with dark humour and glimmers of hope that candidly reveal Joplin’s troubled genius. 

This immersive production features all of Joplin’s greatest hits (alongside original material), performed by Cooper and featuring some of the UK’s best session musicians – the result is a charged atmosphere, filled with liberal euphoria! 

To spend an evening embroiled in Joplin’s tumultuous life makes for a rollercoaster ride of heightened emotions, ultimately resulting in the audience taking some of her magic with them in their hearts and souls. 

Though set in the not too distant past, Tomorrow May Be My Last conjures up a plethora of feelings and contexts that run parallel and ring true to the present day.

Union Theatre, Old Union Arches, 229 Union Street, SE1 0LR from 24th – 28th August. Times: 7.30pm; matinees 2.00pm. Admission: £20.


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