Junior doctor’s ‘heartbreak’ after crowds shouting ‘Covid is a hoax’ gathered outside St Thomas’ hospital

Josh Salisbury (06 January, 2021)

"Why do people still not realise the seriousness of this pandemic?"

41496St Thomas' Hospital

A junior doctor has told of his “heartbreak” after a crowd of people gathered outside St Thomas’ Hospital on New Year’s Eve, some shouting that Covid was a hoax.

Video posted of the protesters last Thursday night show them gathered in large numbers outside the hospital, which is treating coronavirus patients.

A junior doctor at the hospital, Dr Matthew Lee, said he was “disgusted but mostly heartbroken.”

Posting the footage online, the accident and emergency doctor said: “Hundreds of maskless, drunk people in huge groups shouting “Covid is a hoax”, literally outside the building where hundreds are sick and dying.

“Why do people still not realise the seriousness of this pandemic? I’m disgusted but mostly heartbroken.

“I wish people could see the amount of COVID19 and death in hospitals, and the sacrifices that healthcare workers make. This week alone has been so tough.”

The message prompted an outpouring of support for St Thomas’ staff, as well as anger at those wrongly claiming Covid is a hoax.

“Thank you for being a hero Matthew. We are lucky to have you. Those people are a disgrace, but you – you’re magnificent,” said one social media user.

Another added: “I’m absolutely gobsmacked and angry at those people, total covidiots! There’s me trying my best to comply with rules and keep myself/family safe and these numpties do this.

“Beggars belief but unfortunately there’s a lot of them in the UK.”

John cassidy says:

Who are these people and why not name and sham them

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