King’s College Hospital’s Junior doctors invite community to talk about strikes

News Desk (21 April, 2016)

The strike will be the first time they leave accident and emergency services


Junior doctors from King’s College Hospital will hold a meeting on Thursday April 21 to give the public the chance to discuss any concerns about upcoming strikes, writes Alex Yeates…

From 7-9pm at the Crawford Estate Tenants’ Hall, Denmark Road, Camberwell, SE5 9EW, members of the community are invited to take part in a discussion about why the strikes are happening and how hospitals will be affected.

The full walkout of junior doctors on April 26 and 27 will be the first time they leave accident and emergency services as part of an ongoing dispute between the British Medical Association and the Government over plans to enforce changes to contracts.

Dr Chris James, an organiser of the event, said: “For a show of support and solidarity on Denmark Hill – it was clear from the library March that this community has a huge heart – we want to make sure the NHS workers at King’s, the public at large and the Government are under no illusions about our resolve and determination to stand together for what we know to be fair and right.”

The responsibilities of the striking junior doctors will be taken care of by consultants for the duration of the protest.


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