Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton visits Evelina Children’s Hospital

Josh Salisbury (30 January, 2020)

Nine-year-old Anna-Victoria Amoafa-Sennie gave Kate a posy when she arrived at the hospital

34470Nine-year-old Anna-Victoria Amoafa-Sennie gave Kate a posy when she arrived at the hospital

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Evelina Children’s Hospital this week to meet kids taking part in a creative workshop.

The workshop, which has been jointly ran with the National Portrait Gallery for fifteen years, aims to support the health of young patients at the hospital.

Children created their own decorated stage set with a self-portrait puppet and a cast of characters.

The Duchess, Kate Middleton, joined in with groups of children on Evelina London’s atrium, as well as visiting Beach Ward, where young people awaiting surgery also took part.

One of them taking part was nine-year-old Anna-Victoria Amoafa-Sennie, who gave Kate a posy when she arrived at the hospital.

“It was very exciting and very surprising because we’d seen her on the TV, but we’d never seen her in real life!” she said.

Her mother, Irene, added: “It was so lovely to see Anna-Victoria meeting The Duchess. She was so happy and excited!

“It was wonderful and something that she’ll never ever forget.”

The Duchess has been a Patron of the hospital since 2018, and is also Patron of the National Portrait Gallery.

“It is a great pleasure to have The Duchess with us to see our young artists letting their imaginations run wild,” said Marian Ridley, Director of Evelina London.

“Art is an invaluable therapy for children and young people while they are in hospital.

“It helps to develop their creativity and gives them something to enjoy, while reducing any anxieties they may be feeling.”


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