Katrina Makunova’s family petition against ‘lenient’ sentence as investigation into police conduct is confirmed

Katherine Johnston (10 February, 2019)

'Our sister complained many times to the police that she was in fear of her life'

23583Katrina Makunova, who died aged 17

The independent office for police conduct has announced it is investigating how the Met handled allegations of domestic abuse made by Katrina Makunova before she died last year.

Katrina was seventeen when she died in the lobby of a block of flats on Camberwell’s Brisbane Street.

The teenager from Lewisham died during an argument and physical struggle with her older ex-partner, Oluwaseysi Dada, aged 21.

In January Dada pleaded guilty to manslaughter, he was later sentenced to two years and three months years in prison.

The court heard Katrina died after she fell onto a knife she was carrying in her handbag.

The judge had said that Dada was “very remorseful”, including at the scene where he tried to revive Katrina.

Dada’s short sentence has been criticised by her family, who have since set up an online petition to appeal against what they described as an ‘unbelievable lenient sentence’.

Her brother, Emanuel, wrote: “Our sister complained many times to the police that she was in fear of her life because of Dada’s threatening behaviour to her’.

Her family have also claimed in the months before her death, Katrina had contacted police reporting alleged physical abuse and humiliation by the previously convicted ‘county lines drug dealer’.

The IOPC said the conduct of five Met officers involved in the investigation and supervision of Katrina’s allegations had been under investigation since July 17 last year, but it had been unable to publicly announce the investigation until the end of Dada’s trial.

In a statement published last month, the IOPC said: “Our thoughts are with the family and friends and all those involved who were affected following the death of Katrina.

“While criminal proceedings were still active we felt it was inappropriate to announce our investigation, which has been underway since July 2018.

“We have identified five officers whose conduct is now under investigation and they have provided responses to the allegations.

“Other officers and members of the public have also provided witness accounts.

“We would like to stress the investigation is ongoing, and the fact an officer’s conduct is under investigation does not mean misconduct has been proven.


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