Kennington girl’s invention could make brushing your teeth a fun-filled experience for kids

News Desk (30 July, 2018)

There are an alarming 170 operations a day in the UK to remove rotten teeth in children

23613Giselle with Dominic Wilcox, Chief Inventor at Little Inventors (Inventors Academy Cirkle)

In a bid to stop children having rotten teeth pulled out, one ten-year-old Kennington girl came up with ‘Brushing Explosion’ in a bid to make brush time a fun-filled experience, writes Anisha De…

Giselle won the national competition hosted by the Aquafresh Inventors Academy.

With an alarming 170 operations a day in the UK to remove rotten teeth in children, the organisers wanted to involve the children themselves in making alternative creations.

Giselle’s “Brushing Explosions” winning invention comprises of a ‘Create Your Own’ toothbrush with a number of elements that children can change around to make brush time something that they look forward to every day.

Giselle clinched the title by scoring highly for innovation, creativity, quality and on the effectiveness of her idea.

Giselle’s design “Brushing Explosions” (Inventors Academy Cirkle)

Judge and Chief Inventor at Little Inventors, Dominic Wilcox, said: “Giselle’s winning invention really stood out for me, I scored ‘Brushing Explosions’ top marks for both innovation and creativity and it’s been a great experience bringing it to life over the past few weeks.

“It was such an honour to look through all of the inventions for the Aquafresh Inventors Academy – there were so many great inventions, it was difficult to pick a single winner.”

As well as seeing her creation come to live by Wilcox, Giselle won her class a sleepover at the Science Museum and her school, the Archbishop Sumner Primary School in Lambeth, £1,000 worth of school equipment.

Giselle said she was “extremely delighted to win” and she “worked extremely hard” on creating the standout invention to make brush time more fun for herself and her peers.

“I can’t believe that I have won the Aquafresh Inventors Academy competition 2018 – I love inventing and designing and want to be an architect when I am older so this has really given me the confidence to pursue my dreams”, she said.

Emma Pittendreigh, from Aquafresh, commented: “There is a shortage of technical skills and experience in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), especially in young girls, and to see so many creative inventions come in has been truly inspiring. We whittled down almost 400 entries to find our winner and it was such a difficult decision.”


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